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Ice cream and frozen yoghurt

Increasing indulgence of Ice Cream

SenseFi is an extremely effective fat replacer. It enhances the creaminess of reduced fat, low fat and fat free ice creams, as well as frozen yogurts. It can be used in combination with standard stabiliser systems at reduced dosage, or as a full replacement of your current stabiliser system.

SenseFi delivers premium tasting ice cream with reduced calories and costs. SenseFi ensures indulgent texture and a full fat eating experience.

The multifunctional properties of SenseFi are:

  • Fat replacer and creaminess enhancer
  • Ice cream mix stability during processing and storage
  • Improved melt down and reduced ice crystal growth

In addition, SenseFi can deliver cost-savings to the producer by reducing milk fat and/or total solids without sacrificing taste and consumer satisfaction.

SenseFi requires no extra step in your process, you simply add it with your dry ingredients before pasteurising and homogenising.