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Emulsified Meat

Texture innovation in sausage and meat patès

SenseFi helps to provide succulent reduced-fat sausages and meat patès by restoring the correct texture and balancing flavours, hence offering a full-fat eating experience.

SenseFi has the ability to add new functionalities, such as enhanced mouth feel and increased juiciness, whilst substantially lowering the fat content of emulsified meat products. With SenseFi, producers can increase the quality of a sausage and not be forced to add an increased amount of fat in order to do so. 

The multifunctional properties of SenseFi deliver:

  • Improved quality with succulent texture, better bite and clean taste
  • Improved health and nutrition by fat reduction and fibre addition
  • Prolonged shelf life by reduced syneresis after freezing and re-heating
  • Improved profit by increased yield

In addition, SenseFi can deliver cost-savings through reduction of lard, meat, functional proteins and spice-blends.