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Mayonaise and dressings

The science of mouthfeel

Fat-reduced mayonnaise with SenseFi is much closer to real mayonnaise in terms of mouth feel and coating. Traditional stabilisers can bind the additional water, but they tend to give a thick, gummy mouthfeel and stick to the palate. Additionally, SenseFi flows and spreads like real mayonnaise and has a neutral taste.

The chart shows simulated oral breakdown behaviour of different types of mayonnaise when exposed to alpha-amylase (saliva enzyme) over time. The viscosity profile of fat reduced mayonnaise with SenseFi is comparable to that of a full fat mayonnaise.

The multifunctional properties of SenseFi deliver:

  • Improved quality with an indulgent creamy texture
  • Improved health and nutrition by fat reduction and fibre addition
  • Improved product stability
  • Cleaner taste, good shine and spreadability

 In addition, SenseFi can deliver cost-savings through reduction of oil, egg yolk, starch and stabilisers